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Hot/cold Packs

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Available in two sizes, these handy packs can be used hot or cold so are perfect year round. Heat them in the microwave on chilly days and to put on aches and pains, or pop them in the freezer for a relaxing cooling effect 

Made from 100% cotton and filled with a blend of rice and lavender.

To microwave: remove the cover, pop a microwave safe mug of water in with it. Microwave in 30 second intervals and shake between. Pop back into the cover to cuddle up with.

Large (--×--) perfect for aches and pains and cuddling up with when chilly. The large size also makes a relaxing cold eye mask.

Mini (--×--) pack of 2, the perfect size to pop in your coat pocket to help keep your hands warm on chilly mornings. Perfect for the school run, taking the dog out, or just enjoying a nice walk in the crisp air

Fabrics choices are random. If there's a particular fabric you are after please leave a note at check out, although I cannot guarantee it will be available at the time. Or message me on Instagram/email me to see current fabric choices