7" Regular Cloth Pads CSP

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With various sizes and flows to suit anyone. This is such an easy swap to make. Simply use as you would normal pads, pop into a wet pad and into your laundry.

You can rinse them after you have used them. But I find this isnt needed due to their dark grey topping fabric which is 100% cotton.

These pads are backed with PUL which is my personal preference. It means these pads are thinner than the fleece type pads and for me they dont get as hot. 

Its important to me to make/sell products which I love myself so I've designed these pads exactly how I like them. The pattern is on the PUL which goes against your underwear, meaning theyll look just as new even longer. The dark grey cotton jersey allows you to see where the flow is whilst reducing the risk of staining.

7" Regular pad, perfect for light days or to wear in the days leading up to your peroid for extra protection as a liner. 

Regular pads contain 1 layer of zorb core.