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About Eco Coach House

Hi! I'm Sarah and I founded ECH in 2019 at the end of my maternity leave with my second child. I've had a love for sewing ever since my daughter was born in 2016 and I decided I wanted to make her Christening gown.

I've always had a love for sustainability, although I didn't always realise. My parents taught us not to litter from an early age, we have always grown various fruits and vegetables, had a compost heap at the end of the garden and taking our own bags shopping had always been a thing. As I got older I started looking into more ways in which we could help the environment, starting with my mum making beeswax wraps. I then started making them too and perfected the recipe for then. Eventually I started to sell my wax wraps as a hobby, and ECH grew from there.

We now stock an extensive range of reusable and environmentally friendly products, both made by myself and my mother and sourced from other companies with the same ethos as us. Our range is expanding all the time and I'm so happy to have you on this journey with us 💚

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  • Have you seen our 'thank you' cards in your order? Make sure to keep them and plant them in spring for some bee loving wildflowers to grow!

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  • Planting Tree with every order!

    We plant a tree with each website order, no matter the size of the order! We have now hit 600 trees planted! Half way to 1000.

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