Re-growing Spring Onions

Re-growing Spring Onions

Something I've been doing for years, but never really thought much of is how I re-grow my spring onions. It's so easy and is something everyone can do.

It sounds small... It is small. But it's also something that reduces waste and saves a few pennies whilst you're at it!

Let's get growing.

Once you've bought your spring onions, gently wash the base end with cold running water. This removes any nasties that might cause your onions to go soft. Now, all you need to do is pop them in a little glass with about 10cm of water in it and place them on a sunny windowsill. You'll probably find that they'll drink up all of the water on the first day they're in there - they get very thirsty in the shop!

Make sure you give the roots a rinse every now and then (I generally wash mine every other day) and change the water too. Check the water every day to make sure they don't dry out.

Let's eat.

When you need to use the spring onions, cut them around 8cm from the base and use as normal. The little stump should be popped back in the water ready to start growing again.

And now, we wait.

But not for long! It only takes around two weeks (depending on light levels) for your spring onions to shoot back up ready to be used all over again. Generally the spring onions will get a bit thinner every time you cut and re-grow them, so you will eventually need to replace your onions.

Stepping it up a notch.

If you've got the space, planting your spring onions out in a greenhouse (or very sunny windowsill) will make them last a lot longer than just keeping them in water.

Once the spring onions roots have grown enough (approx. 5cm), plant them out in just some regular compost, at least 15cm apart from each other. Then cut and use as before. Remember - spring onions don't like getting dry, so make sure to water them regularly.


Using this method, my last spring onions lasted from March 2020 until late January 2021!

It can also be used with foods such as celery too.


Make sure to tag us on social media if you give it a go - I'd love to see your results.

- Lydia



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