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Christmas - Keep This Cracker

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What it is:

Discover 'Keep this Cracker' Christmas crackers, designed with sustainability in mind. These flat-packed crackers are eco-friendly and reusable, allowing you to assemble them and fill them with your own gifts. Each package includes 6 flat-packed crackers, 6 eco-snaps, and 12 recycled satin ribbons. These UK-made crackers are pet-friendly, recyclable, and printed using eco-conscious inks. Dimensions when assembled: 11 x 5.5 x 5.5cm (gift area), 28cm long. Choose between replacement low-noise eco-snaps or standard snaps, sold in packs of 12 snaps. 

Why Swap:

By choosing 'Keep this Cracker,' you contribute to a more sustainable holiday tradition. These crackers reduce waste and can be used for multiple celebrations. Opt for the gentle pop of low-noise eco-snaps, making them suitable for sensitive ears and pet-friendly households. If you prefer the traditional "bang," standard snaps are also available. Join the eco-friendly movement while maintaining the joy of holiday crackers.