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Coconut Candle - Seychelles

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We're excited to bring you our new, handmade soy candles. Lovingly hand poured by us in the UK, sustainable deluxe soy wax and elegantly fragranced with beautiful fragrances, our eco-friendly candles will bring comfort to any space.

A beautiful blend of coconut, orange blossom and jasmine infused with warming amber and buttery vanilla.

Our candles are made with soy wax, a natural, renewable material made from soy. It is cleaner burning and is paraffin and chemical-free. We use natural cotton wicks and fragrances for all of our candles.

Our Coconut Bowls

Our eco-friendly coconut bowls are made from coconut husks, otherwise known as coconut shells. Once the fruit has been removed, the husks become a waste product and so by repurposing them into bowls we're helping to reduce unnecessary waste!

Once your candle has been fully burned, you can clean any remaining wax away with normal washing-up liquid and warm water. Your bowl can then be repurposed or renewed.

As this is a natural product, sizing varies per bowl