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A set of 3 cotton hankies. I don't think they require a how to use section, basically whatever you use a disposable tissue for. Cotton hankies are generally softer and kinder to your skin than disposable tissues.

The set of hankies are in a cotton pouch with a plastic snap closure to keep them clean and safe in your bag. The cotton pouch will be a random choice of fabric from our scrap fabrics, ensuring we keep our waste to a minimum as always.

I don't think I can say it any better than this - which was written by on Instagram. (I highly recommend following)

"Tissues are made from timber wood pulp, and while some are produced using renewable practices, many are not. Forests that are home to endangered species are being cut down, pushing orangutans, pumas and more to the edge of extinction. Some tissue manufacturers also use bleaching processes, fragrances and other additives, not to mention the plastic that pocket tissues come in. So I'm backing a resurgence of the good old hanky! You can still catch it and kill it, just replace the bin with a washing machine."