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Silicone Food Storage Bag

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Say ‘Hello’ to our plastic free silicone food storage bags. Each bag is versatile, airtight and leakproof. 100% platinum food grade silicone.

Each bag can stand up which makes storing them extremely easy whether is a refrigerator, freezer or on a shelf.

You can use the pouches endlessly making them eco friendly and a much better alternative to single use plastic sandwich bags.

Silicone is great at with standing both hot and cold temperatures, each pouch can be stored in the freezer and used in the microwave. Dishwasher safe.

If you are storing food you can write the best before date using a non permanent pen as each pouch is washable.

You can even use the larger bags to store toiletry essentials and make up when going on holiday or over night stays. Also great for storing wet swimwear after a day at the beach or at the pool.

Size Guide

500ml 16cm x15.5cm

1000ml 20.5cm x 20cm

2000 25.5cm x 22.5cm